Hit Wicket Cricket is available for Android devices.

Available for Android devices on Google Play. This FREE Android Cricket Game is an interactive battle between batsman and bowler. 5-Over and T20 formats.

Hit Wicket Cricket is the only free Android cricket app that features playing an entire Twenty20 cricket match in under 15 minutes. Play head-to-head matches between your favorite countries and lead your team to World Cup glory. Hit Wicket Cricket is a casual game for cricket lovers as well as the cricket uninitiated alike.



  • Play For Your Country
    • Select your home team and lead them to cricket world cup domination
  • Several Modes of Play
    • 5 Over, 10 Over and Twenty20 formats
    • Friendly, Invitational, World Cup, and Head-to-Head modes
  • Incredibly Easy to Play
    • Playing requires a simple tap of the screen
    • Use strategy to control aggression, and power ups to tilt the odds in your team's favour
  • Quick Game Play
    • Play an entire Twenty20 match in 15 minutes!
  • Loads Quickly
    • Fast load time, light app footprint doesn't stress your Android phone
  • Total Timepass
    • Optimised for one-handed play. Play while commuting, in a boring meeting, or while watching a live game
  • Share Team Glory On Social Networks
    • Trumpet the glory of your winning team's exploits on Facebook and Twitter whenever you want